Why Adv. Sahil Goel

In our journey towards excellence, we are committed to attract, invest in and retain top quality talent.

Adv. Sahil Goel’s reputation is owed to the exceptionally talented and dedicated professionals whose ideas drive the Firm forward. Our associates work as colleagues with experienced partners and other senior industry professionals. We support and mentor exceptional graduates from law schools across the world. If you are someone who thrives in the relentless pursuit of excellence in a working environment that highly regards collaboration, we should talk.

In order to invest in the growth of our people, we partner with international human capital organisations that provide us continued support on the people front. Our people policies are progressive, and we are the proud pioneers in rolling out strategic talent initiatives. We consistently strive to create and maintain an environment that is conducive to open and constructive communication.

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What We Look For

Our recruitment process is rigorous, and we recruit talent after putting them through rigorous technical and behavioural assessments. Our doors are open to professionals with diverse skills from legal professionals to knowledge management, business development, human resources, accounting, information technology and facility management. Commitment, excellence, integrity, knowledge, respect, openness, teamwork and trust are the bedrock of how we approach our profession. They have shaped our culture, work ethic and decision-making to help us excel each day.

What We Look For
  • Drive and Intellectual Curiosity
  • Legal Acumen
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Digital Native
  • Collaborative Behavior

Professional and Personal Development

We take great pride and invest in our continuous learning programme at the Firm. We are committed to our members’ career advancement and constantly work towards creating a positive and encouraging learning environment. All members (including lawyers, shared services, management and support staff) have access to all our Learning & Development (L&D) initiatives and programmes.

Life and Wellbeing

Joining us  is the start to an exhilarating journey towards professional excellence. Together, we celebrate festivals, partake in social events and other celebrations with as much enthusiasm as we treat client deliverables and deadlines. We strike a balance between meeting our professional work commitments while creating memories along the way.

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