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Criminal Defence Lawyer Chandigarh

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Benefits of Hiring Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers are the professionals that possess the knowledge of the law and help the accused in securing a favorable deal. You can hire a criminal lawyer for a different type of legal assistance such as legal consultation, anticipatory bail, filing a petition, quashing FIR, alternate dispute resolution, legal representation, etc. Be it a High Court, you can hire the lawyer according to your case. There are numerous benefits of hiring a criminal lawyer such as

Knowledge and Expertise

Our legal team have a formal degree and expertise which means they are aware of all in and outs of the legal system. They have the experience and can handle the case in an efficient way. Our team utilizes their knowledge to make your case strong by understanding the facts and finding the appropriate way. By evaluating the evidence as well as charges professionally and represent your case in the court with an appropriate defense strategy, our professionals provide you with the right solution.

Speeding up the Process

Handling the legal procedure is not an easy task. The experienced lawyers are aware of the system as well as proceedings and are trained to do the work in the best possible time. Our professional team would handle the documentation process and present them at the time of requirement. Moreover, they are expert in negotiating a plea bargain, so they can help you with also.

Save Time and Money

In criminal charges, the court requires time for giving the right decision which results in long proceedings. This can take much time and a good amount of money for the formalities. By hiring a defense lawyer, you can prevent the stress of attending court dates. The lawyer would attend the required sessions and present the documents on your behalf.

The best thing about hiring a criminal lawyer is that the lawyer would hire an investigator to get all evidence and witnesses. All this would make the court proceedings easier and smooth and help you in getting justice.

Things You Must Know Before Hiring Criminal Lawyers

Criminal law is a professional expert who speaks on behalf of the accused in the court. If you are charged with a criminal offense and planning to hire a criminal lawyer, there are few facts that you must know. Here are some facts that you an individual need to know

Female Can Refuse to Be Arrested by Male Police: Yes, many people do not know this law. If the accused person is female only then she can refuse to be searched by a male officer. Only a female police officer can arrest her.

An Individual Can refuse to go to Police Station: If the police ask an individual to appear at the police station for the question, the person can refuse them politely. In case the police believe that the person has committed a crime then they need to bring the arrest warrant in the name of the accused. In the case of an arrest warrant, the person needs to cooperate and it is advisable to contact the criminal lawyer for the bail.

No Arrest During Anticipatory Bail: If an individual is on anticipatory bail, police cannot arrest the person. However, in some cases, the police have the right to arrest the accused such as

  • When the accused does not appear in the court proceedings
  • When the accused violates the directions given by the court
  • When the accused does not cooperate with the police during interrogation

Charges of Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh

The fees of a criminal lawyer vary from one expert to another. Along from the popularity and experience of the lawyer, several factors influence the charges of criminal lawyers such as

  • Type of charges
  • The complexity of the issue
  • Location
  • Facts of the legal case
  • Type of court
  • The seriousness of the offense

Some criminal lawyers charge fees of the case in a single time while some charge at different intervals. Many criminal lawyers in Chandigarh provide a free consultation to the client at the initial stage so they can understand and access the charges. For an idea of charges of criminal lawyer, you can refer to the given table

Factors an Individual needs to Consider While Hiring Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh

Criminal proceedings are quite hard to handle. Therefore, it is important to be prepared. You can consult an expert who can reduce your stress by providing an appropriate solution. A competent criminal lawyer is an expert who can help you in handling legal proceedings with the best strategy. However, before you hire a criminal lawyer do not forget to pay attention to the following factors

  • The experience as well as expertise of the criminal lawyer
  • Type of case/charges
  • Fees of the lawyer
  • Type of Court
  • Track record of the lawyer
  • Fees payment method (One time/at different stages)
  • Preferred mode of communication and many others

Would my earlier conviction or arrest have any influence on the judgment of my current criminal case?

An individual’s criminal record plays a vital role. In case you have any prior criminal record or you have been arrested for any kind of crime, the judge would consider it. No matter, what the crime was, the judge would provide the right judgment, considering all facts.

For which types of cases can I hire a criminal lawyer in Chandigarh?

The experienced and competent lawyer defends the accused and helps in demolishing the case filed in the court by the prosecuting agency. You can hire the criminal lawyer for different types of cases such as

  • Violent Crimes: Murder, kidnapping, rape, assault, dowry death, accident, child abuse
  • Public Order Crimes: Drug crimes, public smoking and drunkenness, prostitution, alcohol-related crimes, disorderly conduct, drinking, and driving
  • Property Crimes: Burglary, shoplifting, vandalism, theft, arson, larceny
  • Hi-tech Crimes: Hacking, illicit use of a computer, Cyberstalking, fraud, blackmailing, IPR violations, pornography, credit card frauds
  • Organized Crime: Mafia, terrorist, using weapons illegally, gangs, weapons smuggling
  • White Collar Crimes: Identity theft, forgery, insurance fraud, embezzlement, bribery, securities fraud, tax evasion, insider trading

Criminal Defence Lawyer Chandigarh

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