The Functions of Criminal Law

The Functions of Criminal Law – Criminal law serves several functions and benefits societies within the following ways:

  • Maintaining order. Criminal law supplies predictability, letting other people know what to anticipate from others. Without prison legislation, there would be chaos and uncertainty.
  • Resolving disputes. The law makes it conceivable to resolve conflicts and disputes between quarreling electorate. It supplies a relaxed, orderly approach to care for grievances.
  • Protecting people and assets. Criminal law protects citizens from criminals who would inflict bodily hurt on others or take their worldly goods. Because of the importance of property in India, many felony rules are supposed to punish those who steal.
  • Providing for clean functioning of society. Criminal legislation enables the government to gather taxes, keep watch over air pollution, and attain other socially beneficial tasks.
  • Safeguarding civil liberties. Criminal law protects particular person rights.

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