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Advocate Sahil Goel is a Law Firm in Chandigarh, established in Zirakpur, Chandigarh, which has been duly known in the High Court of India. The law firm has experience in dealing with both Civil and Criminal cases in Courts of Punjab, Chandigarh, and Delhi. It has dealt with a large number of cases involving property disputes, inheritance/succession, and mutations of homes, partition, ownership, and declarations of identity in belongings as well as Landlord-Tenant disputes.


Partners of the firm have dealt with a selection of Matrimonial, custody of kids, and divorce circumstances. Additionally, the legal disputes bobbing up out of such matrimonial cases like dowry instances, dishonest and embezzlement of dowry articles, and so forth. Getting anticipatory bail and atmosphere apart orders of mentioning a Non-resident Indian as a proclaimed culprit, even though the FIR itself is lodged towards NRI when he was dwelling abroad and does no longer know anything else about such FIR.

Advocate Sahil Goel Law Firm

We, at Advocate Sahil Goel Law Firm, are a team of skilled professionals who are always up to answer your legal queries. We are devoted to protecting our client’s interests in the best approach imaginable. This has built us as Best Law Firm in Chandigarh, Zirakpur, Panchkula, Ambala, and Delhi.

“The company has always strived to create and implement cutting edge and wonderful strategies of offering cost-effective, quality illustration and services for our clients and can proceed to fulfill and exceed the expectations of our valued clients.”

–     Advocate Sahil Goel


Company Law

•    Govt and Regulatory

•    Highbrow Property

•    Contracts and Agreements

•    Franchise

•    Industrial Arrangements

Family Law

•    Divorce

•    Child Custody

•    Prison Separation

•    Marriage

•    Dowry

•    Domestic Violence

Criminal Law

•    Anticipatory Bail

•    Regular Bail

•    Prison Attraction

•    Legal Revision

•    Quashing of Fir

•    Quashing of proclaimed offender order

Property Disputes

•    Succession instances

•    succession certificates

•    will and estate

•    partition of ancestral property

Law Firm in Chandigarh – Find Best Advocate, Lawyer, Attorney Online in Chandigarh

Advocate Sahil Goel has its associate office in Ludhiana, basically having applied in High Court and the district court docket,  Lawyer at Advocate Sahil Goel have in the past dealt in felony issues, Bail, Property disputes, Consumer Court cases, Corporate Law, oppressions & omit management, completing petitions, will & Probate petition, writs in High Court of Haryana, Punjab-India. In addition, the company also deals in family disputes, matrimonial circumstances, divorce instances, adoption, maintenance, and home violation.

With highly qualified & skilled lawyers, our firm ensures that each matter is handled with a prime level of analysis.

The firm has its legal professionals posted right from district courts to the High Court and having its senior maximum attorneys at the Supreme Court of India.

Find the Best Lawyer in Chandigarh:

•    Corporate Lawyer

•    Criminal Lawyer

•    Property Lawyer

•    Divorce Lawyer

Our Practice built on a commitment too.

Why Choose Advocate Sahil Goel is the Best Law Firm in Chandigarh?

“Like a Good Lawyer, Advocate Sahil Goel is here”.

•    Personal Attention

Every case is defensible. What every case wishes is care and nourishment. It is your legislation company that is always available to attend in your case and constitute you inside of and outdoor court docket.

•    Experienced Law Firm

Our supreme priority is to offer our clients with top criminal services and sessions. We at all times prefer our client’s pride.

•    Best Case Strategy

Our expert legal staff on each topic make criminal analyses on every case. Thereafter our professionals make the best possible process of each and every circumstance.

•    Review Your Case

Before accepting any case our felony staff evaluations details and circumstance of each instance. Thereafter disclosing all the probabilities to the shopper, we commence the additional process.

•    Tradition of Excellence

Our law firm is devoted to shopper needs and we consistently work to get the very best results for clients. We do so with our passionate group of lawyers who have delivered remarkable effects over years.


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