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egal disputes over property are one of the most common issues that NRIs face in India. However, unskilled lawyers keep dragging the case for years, leaving the NRIs frustrated. At Sahil Goel’s Law Firm though, we do not work this way.

We believe that if you are the rightful owner/heir to any property, you should get its possession at the earliest. We deal in facts and that is why our NRI clients receive justice within a very short span of time


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"As an NRI I was having trouble getting justice for one of my property disputes. Advocate Sahil Goel still took every possible step for me and got me justice."

Nishant Saxena

"After becoming an NRI, it can be often difficult to get rulings in your favor. But Advocate Sahil Goel has proved why he is regarded as one of the best when it comes to helping NRIs."

Girish Choudhary

"An old tax evasion case against me was getting complex once I had left India. A huge thanks to Sahil Goel for getting me out of the legal troubles once and for all."

Kshitij Sharma

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