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Sahil Goel’s Law firm is the #1 Pan-India firm for all kinds of property cases and disputes. Sahil Goel is a very reputed and reliable lawyer, practising in the Chandigarh High Court for many years. Whether it is an old real-estate case or a new dispute between family members over a piece of land, we can provide you legal help in all such scenarios.

We have many offices and partners across India. This helps us provide quick assistance and solutions to clients from all parts of the nation. Get in touch with us today to discuss your case.


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Legal documentation

Leaseback contracts

Abduction and Kidnapping

Possession of arms

Leaseback contracts

Property disputes

Property transactions


Recovery of land

Commercial and retail leasing

Transfer of property

Issues with Will

Easement Rights

Builder and purchaser cost-sharing agreements

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"We are 3 siblings and there was a property dispute between us for many years. One of my friends informed me about Advocate Sahil Goel and the dispute was resolved in a few days."

Srishti Sharma

"A 10-year-old property dispute was becoming an enemy of my peace of mind. Thankfully though I came across Advocate Sahil Goel and the problem was solved within months."

Krish Kumar

"I would like to thank Advocate Sahil Goel for resolving a lot of my property disputes, as I am a real estate agent. His expertise and knowledge of the legal system is exemplary."

Naveen Kaushal

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